“Macao Post” is renamed “Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau”
2016-12-31 | General

To reflect the services provided currently and those to be provided in the future more appropriately, “Macao Post” is now known as “Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau” effective from 1st January, 2017. For more details, please see the attached official press release.


The renaming of Macao Post will not have material impact on the operations of “Macao Post eSignTrust Certification Authority” (“eSignTrust”) and also not on the certificate already issued by the Certification Authority. All currently valid certificates identifying Macao Post as the issuer will not require amendments to reflect the change in name and will remain effectively valid until their expiration date.


“Macao Post eSignTrust Root Certification Authority (G02)” certificate is scheduled to be transitioned to the next generation G03 certificate and thereby will be named “eSignTrust Root Certification Authority (G03)”. This transition and the timing are in line with industry best practices based on AICPA / CICA “WebTrust Principles and Criteria for Certification Authorities” requirements. Effective from 1st January, 2017, eSignTrust will discontinue the use of the ”Macao Post eSignTrust Root Certification Authority (G02)” certificate for issuance of sub-CAs certificates, subscriber certificates and other business operation related certificates.


eSignTrust will continue to meet the electronic signature needs of the Government, enterprises, and the general public, and it will also carry the mission of facilitating the delivery of online services timely, effectively and in compliance with local regulations.


We greatly appreciate your trust and support and look forward to closer collaboration with our valued customers and partners.


Thank you for your kind attention.


With best regards, eSignTrust Certification Services


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