Secure Email Certificates

An eSignTrust Secure E-Mail Certificate allows you to secure your e-mail communications by digitally signing and/or encrypting your e-mails. By securing your personal e-mail with this certificate, you ensure the safety of all your outbound e-mail communication and those communicating with you will be able to verify that mail coming from your e-mail address is in fact from your e-mail address.

Benefits of the Secure E-Mail Certificate:

  • Sign your e-mail communications so that people know the mail came from your e-mail address;
  • Encrypt your e-mail communications to prevent unauthorized people from reading them;
  • Authenticate your identity to some web servers;
  • Easy to enroll and obtain a certificates.


Application/Renewal Procedures

Secure E-Mail Certificate Application procedures are conveniently performed online, following the instructions shown below:

  • For this type of Certificates, there is no need to present any proof of identification;
  • The customer first, needs to obtain an eSignTrust Secure E-Mail proof-of-purchase voucher at our Registration Authority (RA) Office;
  • Using the special code on the voucher, the customer will apply (enroll) for the Certificate online, at this site;


Revocation of Secure Email Certificate

Your eSignTurst Certificate is an important electronic ID for use on the Internet. If the information in your Certificate is no longer valid or your Certificate is lost, damaged, suspected to have been compromised, or stolen, you should by yourself or request eSignTrust to revoke your Certificate immediately. A revoked Certificate is irrevocable.

How to Revoke a Secure Email Certificate

A Subscriber may revoke his/her Secure Email Certificates in the following ways:

Certificate Status Update after Revocation

The certificate status update can be checked via our Online Search Pages. You may go to Certificate Status and Information in our Repository to look for the real-time status of any eSignTrust Certificates.

Optionally, you may obtain the information via Certificate Revocation List also in our Repository to which the certificate status update is published for access by the public in a daily basis. Your revoked certificate will be updated to the latest CRL in next publishing.

To know more our practices, please read our Certification Practice Statement (CPS).


Description Price (MOP) Validity Assurance / Liability Limits (MOP)
Secure Email Certificate $50.00 3 years $1,000.00
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