eSignCloud Service Q & A
1. What is eSignTrust eSignCloud Service?
eSignCloud Service is a signing service provided by eSignTrust using cloud technology. The private keys of the Normalised Certificate issued by eSignTrust are stored in CTT’s highly secured signing server, users can access to any eSignCloud-enabled Internet services and sign electronic documents using their eSignCloud service account and password.
2. What is the usage of eSignCloud Service?
Users can use the eSignCloud Service anywhere and anytime through online services, products and applications provided by the Application Service Providers (ASP), to create electronic signature with legal effect. In addition, eSignCloud Service can be integrated with the organisation’s electronic workflow system to realise electronic paperless office and increase management efficiency.
3. Is it secure to retrieve and use the electronic certificate for the eSignCloud Service?
For the eSignCloud Service, the electronic certificate is retrieved and used by utilising the eSignCloud user account and password for user verification, and together with the free mobile application eSignTrust Mobile One-Time Password to achieve two-factor authentication.
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