Online Appointment for Electronic Certificate Registration

Introduction to Online Appointment for Electronic Certificate Registration

This Online Service is available for Government, Organization and Personal Users to make appointment for certificate registration simply by selecting “New Appointment”, then enter the required information such as Service Type, Customer Type, Appointment Date and Time, and the personal information such as Name, Contact No., Email, Name of Government/Organisation1To complete the appointment process, we will then provide you with an Appointment Reference No once you confirm your appointment information.

Remark1:Applicable to Government/Organization User only

Appointment should be made one working day in advance (Appointments for new Government/Organization Users should be made 5 working days in advance), and up to a period of 1 month. Appointments are generally available from 09: 30-12: 00 and 14: 30-17: 00. Saturdays, Sundays, Public holidays and Dates of Exemption from Work are not available for appointment services.

Once the appointment process is completed, we will send you an email confirmation to you email.

You can also select the options “Edit Appointment”, “Appointment Enquiry” and “Cancel Appointment” for corresponding operations.

Typhoon Arrangement

eSignTrust services will be suspended during the hoisting of the tropical cyclone signal no.8 or above. The affected users who are not able to come to CTT eSignTrust RA Office for Certificate Registration owing to the tropical cyclone signal no.8 or above in force, please call us at 28330338 for new appointment upon our service is resumed.

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