Macao Post and Telecommunications eSignTrust Certification Services is now under user supervision according to Performance Pledge

Since 23/01/2006

PKI Basic
What are Electronic Signature and Electronic Certificate?
What are the functions of Electronic Certificate and Electronic Signature?
What is Advanced Electronic Signature?
What is Qualified Electronic Signature?
What is Data Encryption?
The Public Key Cryptography and the Encryption Process
Secure Signature-Creation Device (SSCD)
What is a Smart Card Reader?
What are my responsibilities for using eSignTrust electronic Certificate?
What if I forget my password to access my eSignTrust electronic Certificate on a Smart Card/Token?
What if my card/token is damaged, lost or stolen?
What type of support does eSignTrust provide?
What operating systems are supported by eSignTrust software?
Who to contact for enquiries or help?
What is a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) Pack?
What is an Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) Pack?
How to obtain a QES Pack or AES Pack?
How to install a QES Pack or AES Pack?
Do I have to pay for the Certificates and Certification Services?
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